Dishes recommended for those who don't eat raw fish

* Deep-fried scallops on skewer ¥680/2pcs
(Kitarou branch)

Crispy battered and deep-fried scallops

* Grilled sea-eel coated with sweet sauce
¥980 (Harumi-dori branch)

Very fresh sea-eel is filleted just before lightly grilling. Home-made speciall sweet sauce & the soft fluffy texture are simply irresistible.

* Tuna cheek teppanyaki ¥680
(Kitarou branch)

Tuna cheek meat grilled on a hot iron plate (teppanyaki). Texture is just like beef steak in a perfect match with the aromatic special sauce.

* Grilled squid legs ¥380
(Asakusa branch)

Grilled squid legs seasoned with "shichimi" 7-flavour chilli peppers adding a spicy accent to the taste.

* Sushi restaurant's authentic omelet ¥480
(Asakusa branch)

Home made omelet; always freshly cooked when serving.

* Cup-steamed egg custard ¥680
(Asakusa branch)

A traditional Japanese steamed egg custard cooked with Dashi soup stock, shrimps, Shiitake mushrooms, Kamaboko steamed fish paste, and ginko nuts.

* "ume-kappamaki" cucumber & plum paste roll ¥280 (Main branch)

Light taste norimaki roll with cucumber and sour plum paste

* "Tekkamaki" tuna roll ¥280 (Main branch)

Norimaki with tuna

* Assortment of grilled sushi

Large "toro" (fatty tuna), salmon, mackerel, scallop, sea-eel

* Roast beef

One of our popular dishes, consists of avocado, egg, and cucumber wrapped in a sliced roast beef

Sushi & Sashimi

* Assortment of sashimi

Various seasonal fresh seafood direct from the sea.Fully indulge yourself in the best quality seafood.

* Assortment of premium Ginza "nigiri" sushi ¥3,780 w/soup & dessert (Ginza 6-chome branch)

Sea urchin, salmon roe, "chu-toro" medium fatty tuna, sea bream, scallop, red shell, king crab, jumbo shrimp, horse mackerel, salmon

* "Irodori Bisai Nigiri" Assortment of nigiri sushi with beautiful colours ¥1,890 w/soup & dessert (Harumi-dori branch)

(Clockwise from left above) Mountain caviar, grated sticky yam potato & quail egg / Battleship roll with salmon & salmon roe / Grilled shiitake mushroom / Grilled salmon / Sweet green pepper / Aubergine with wasahi horseradish / Ocra with plum paste / Tuna with Yuzu miso / Squid with sea urchin / Crab meat & "kani miso" crab innards paste

* Selected "Bara Chirashi" ¥1,680 w/soup & dessert (Main branch)

"Chirashi sushi" a bowl of sushi rice scattered with dice-cut pieces of tuna, salmon roe, sea-eel, omelet, squid, octopus, flying-fish roe, with a large scallop placed in the middle.

* "Suehiro" folding-fan-shaped temaki roll

"Suehiro" folding-fan-shaped temaki roll was first created at Tsukiji Tama Sushi. Crispy-textured nori quickly wrapped around the roll is very delicious. Its shape & size are just right for holding with one hand while eating.

* Sticky salad of "Mekabu" thick wakame leaves & crab meat

Light and healthy salad made of the best combination of "mekabu" thick wakame leaves & crab meat

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